Wednesday, February 29, 2012

art under foot

saw these wood tiles and instantly fell in love.  oh the possibilities!  visions of foyers and powder rooms came to mind, and then flipping the channels today, i stopped on Candice Olson Tells All on HGTV and decided to watch (my almost 3 year old understudy was sitting nicely on the sofa...osmosis works, right).

well, Candice used them.  on a wall.  above a fireplace.  brilliant effect.

here, in all their glory are these stunning prefinished tiles:

Sextant pattern from the Jamie Beckwith Collection
and here's how Candice so brilliantly used them:

HGTV"S Candice Olson Tells All
ohmygoodness they are so pretty!  i love the texture and the colors, how the light shows off the pattern and yes it helps Candice worked some of her magic on the mantel and surroundings, but they really are a a showstopper.

others by the Jamie Beckwith Collection are just as beautiful...

imagine how fun jigsaw could be in a kids room or playroom?!


i don't know where to stop - there are so many!  lotus is just amazing!  and i want to show you all the best of the best, but my computer is not allowing me to do so at this minute, so pop over to the site and peruse at your leisure.  but don't miss it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

shining bright

flambeau lighting. 

new orleans based designers and arisans create these unique lights.

artsy, whimsical, ecclectic and a bit eccentric.  and seriously styling.  lots of details and so very well done.  i love these and go straight to flambeau whenever i need a spot of glamour or a standout piece.

south beach floor lamp

audobon  II sconce 1 arm

mary francis lantern

noel sconce

simone sconce 1 light

jewel pendant

anemone II pendant small

nettle luxe silver table lamp (also comes as a floor lamp - fantastic!)

pome table lamp

south beach pendant

diego chandelier

sweet olive chandelier 6 arm.

these beauties are avaliable through select retailers or through the trade (contact me for pricing).  and do be sure to stop by thier site and like them on facebook. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

abstract beauty

i've been looking at lamps and lighting this week for a few people, and so far these are the most beautiful i've come across.  unique and ethereal.

Sognsvann and Abstract Gold Pendant lamp
(Handmade, oak and printed silk)

all about it

perfection.  need i say more?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

washed out & wonderful

its no secret i am color obsessed.  patterns, colors, layers of both, i can't get enough.  so today, i thought it might be fun to switch gears. 

here are some of my favorite neutral spaces - and what makes them so great, in my opinion, is the use of patterns, however subtle, lush textures, a sense of warmth, and beautiful details....
valencia house via
Phoebe Howard
and my very favorite saved for last...  this is how i dream of neutral....

via pinterest
soft layers of color washed in with warm tones.  there's still pattern, and so many wonderful layers of metal, wood, tiles, textiles.  i am so in love with this!  you can follow my board on pinterest "how i dream of neutral" for more inspiration.

p.s.  here is a sample of a living room board i put together - just the fabrics.

brown & white geometric woven (betwixt by celerie kemble) would be a pillow on the blue, beige and cream print by schumacher.  the white embroidered linen (top) would be drapes and a small pillow.  animal woven and ikat, both pillows on the (bottom left) sofa - a highly textured, white & sand colored sofa.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

box it up

big box stores... friend or foe?  i am undecided - friend for deals, sales and some good finds.  foe - for all the usual reasons...

however, i do look to Crate & Barrel, West Elm and PB for everyday items and am usually pleasantly surprised by CB and West Elm.  PB has some nice sideboards and armoires as of late.

so here is a round up of some of the best new items from Crate and Barrel. 

Marimekko Pieni Unikko II Outdoor bean bag
fun colorson this - more for a place that gets a lot of shade, because it reads as hot.  on the cooler side

Marimekko Pienet Kivet Outdoor Bean Bag
better for spots that get a lot of sun.  these are super cute and pretty affordable at $79.95.  you don't need but one or 2 to really make a statement.  (there is also a black and white version).

and these baskets are so cute, i totally see them as a wastebasket for a desk, or with towels rolled up in them at the door, ready for the beach or pool

Santoso Large Basket

and the next set of baskets (i'm loving natural textures and how practical baskets are lately) would look great in a bathroom for storage, in an entry stacked, or next to a table...  millions of uses

Set of 3 Timaru Baskets
the Timaru baskets, i think, would look better in a group than alone.  and now onto the big stuff.... furniture.  this next one captures my heart - i love a swivel chair, and i love the shape.  we'd have to upgrade that cushion to something a little more plush and in a fabric fabric, but hey, it's awesome.

Calypso Swivel Lounge Chair
how about 4 of these around an outdoor fireplace?  with a cooler near by, maybe even within arms reach (lazy girl).  

this chaise is pretty just as it is.  like the soft slip covered look and would keep with the shabby chic, easy, beachy theme. 

Portico Chaise

looks super cozy and i like the arms.  nice tall back - good for reading.  best maybe in a bedroom.  how about 2 side by side (facing each other) in a reading nook?

West Elm next week.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

no uppers for me

i've decided.  no upper cabinets for this girl.  the kitchen will do without, and i will find ways to optimize the storage space for the many things a well equipped kitchen needs - the rest; to good will.

the upper cabinets, unless they are part of a huge wall with no counter space in between, can wind up looking heavy and restrictive.  i would love to see more art in the kitchen.  i like this chalkboard fad - that can be good (and practical).  its nice to see menus from favorite restaurants, or special gatherings (and inspirational for those of us who dread that "what is for dinner" question).  and i can't get with open shelves, although i do like the way they look when done right.

a few good examples of this look, and how to do this effectively, below.

image via La Dolce Vita
love hardware.

via Everything Fab
open, airy, delightful.  those windows are amazing!

James D. LaRue Architecture Design
so much light!  the uppers take up full walls as not to be considered "upper cabinets" but more of a pantry style look. 

and i have to sneak a little bit of my favorite color in too

Pretty Little Houses
it's the Smeg.  i fall for it every time.  so cute.  and for those of you who know me, no problem that it is not going to hold a lot of stuff - our fridge is usually kinda, well... not so full.  i am following in the footsteps of my mother.  if there is nothing in the fridge, might as well go out to dinner.

and now for organization........... 

BHG 11 clever storage solutions
also from
all makes perfect sense.  and while we are at kitchens, one of the most favorite kitchens i have ever been in (outside the ones of my  youth that conjure up sicilian gravy on the stove, or krumkrakkars) was a little galley kitchen overflowing with furniture, including a sofa.  it was lovely.  the house was not open concept, and we all know that everyone winds up congregating in the kitchen.  cindy put a sofa in her petite kitchen and hours were spent laughing, reading or drinking - most likely a combination of the 3.  and now that open concept spaces are becoming more common, i think i will work with it and still find that sweet spot for a sofa. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunday best

sunday nights have never been my favorite night of the week. 

as a kid, inevitably, i had a stomach ache or some such ailment that i hoped would prevent the weekend from ending.  it never really worked, time marched on and monday morning came early.  these days i don't have any homework waiting to be finished, but nonetheless i'm still not ready for the week to begin. 

but what does that have to do with bellahëm?

i thought it would be fun to have a sunday tradition devoted to color - a sort of fun way to end the weekend and some inspiration to cure those monday morning... blues.

here goes...

PINK.  a favorite color.  a grown up color with a wink. 

via Tumblr

ned marshall
windsor smith via house beautiful

a little goes a long way, or just go for it and paint the room pink.  its happy, it's sexy, its inviting.  people will love to come over and have their picture taken against the pink walls.  its universally flattering.  and if you think it's too girly....

real men love pink.